"The versatile little number can be enjoyed in a number of ways: on the rocks with a lemon twist, as the base of a wine cocktail, or as a substitute for vermouth in a martini." - Dan Dunn, author of Nobody Likes A Quitter

"Dubonnet, appropriate for all seasons, can be served tall with soda and lemon or chilled with gin or vodka as a Martini. As an aperitif, it can be as light as a glass of wine or as fashionable as a Cosmopolitan." - Dale DeGroff, the "King of Cocktails"

"Students at my Cocktails in the Country bartender seminars quickly learn that by using Dubonnet instead of vermouth in any classic cocktail, the drink is transformed into something unique. And Dubonnet was the first bottle I found in my hand when a customer challenged me to create a brand new drink for her on the spot The Tabby Cat was born that night." - Gary Regan, author of The Joy of Mixology, www.ardentspirits.com